Wellcome to PHI BANK

8 Apr

Wellcome to PHI BANK

Welcome to SIR ,

Public Help Indian Bank of India welcomes you to explore the world of premier bank in India.

In this section, you can access detailed information on Overview of the Bank, Technology.

Banks are definitely interested in blockchain. However, most banks we surveyed are still in the early stages of adoption, with about three-quarters either involved in a proof-of-concept, formulating their blockchain strategy, or just beginning to look into it.

Regardless of progress, the most prevalent use cases banks are studying involve intra-bank cross-border transfers. Cross-border remittances, corporate payments, and inter-bank cross-border transfers are receiving comparatively less attention. But wherever they hope to deploy blockchain, executives expect a wide range of benefits, including lower costs, quicker settlement, fewer errors and exceptions, and new revenue opportunities.

 PHI  Bank of India is frist bank to lunch a Network Marketing Service .
To provided to biggest oppurtunity of MLM and uses a Blockchain Techonology.


Founder :-Lengure Family Ceo :Pravin Lengure

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